The Flies

by Jean-Paul Sartre
Translated by Stuart Gilbert


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
February 1st - 9th, 1963

Cast List

Zeus : Martyn Corbett
Orestes : John Arnold
The Tutor : Norman Phillips
Balloon Seller : Paul Baron
Old Woman : Sheila Franglen
Electra : Patanne Fairfoot
Clytemnestra : Rosemary Noble
Child : Michael Nash
A Young Woman : Moira Richards
A Man : John Gurney
The Priest : Harold Mellor
Aegistheus : Jack Richman
1st Soldier : Dominic Batty
2nd Soldier : Hyam Gilbert
First Fury : Allison Purcell
Second Fury : Marilyn Gold
Third Fury : Sheila Franglen
Furies : Mary Ellen Ray, Moira Richards, Paul Baron, Derek Mudie, Tom Tillery, Peter Ward

The Flies


The Flies

Production Team

Director : Adrian Rendle
Lighting Design : Hugh George
Statue by Marilyn Gold
Millinery by Martyn Corbett
Masks and wreaths by Larry Barnes

Stage Managers : Jay Sladen, Marion Shaw
ASMs : Gwyneth Stokes, Timothy Sherwen, John Peters, Mary Ross
Panatrope (sound) : Gerald Bedrich
Wardrobe : Marion Shaw