The Ghost Sonata

by August Strindberg
Translated by Max Faber


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
October 5th - 7th, 1962

One of two short plays presented together, the other being The End of the Beginning, by Sean O'Casey

Cast List

The Old Man : Harold Bennett
The Student : Del Henney
The Milkmaid : Joy Smith
The Caretaker's Wife : Rosaleen Scott
The Lady in Black : Hazel Duncan
The Aristocrat : John Gurney
The Colonel : Trevor Williams
The Mummy : Allison Purcell
The Girl : Elizabeth Schofield
Johansson : Edgar Davies
Bengtsson : Wilmot Bennitt
The Fiancée : Pat Bennett
The Cook : Betty George
Statue : Elizabeth Crichton

The Ghost Sonata


The Ghost Sonata

Production Team

Director : John Preston
Set Design : Rosemary Flegg
Lighting Design : Ralph Shafran

Stage Manager : Ruth Napolitano
ASMs : Jay Sladen, Patanne Fairfoot
Panatrope (sound) : Bill Manley
Lighting switchboard : Ralph Shafran
Wardrobe Mistress : Hazel Shipley-Headley
Wardrobe Liaison : Elsie Moore