A Taste of Honey

by Shelagh Delaney


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
June 29th - July 6th, 1962

Cast List

Helen : Allison Purcell
Jo : Gillian Shenker
Peter : Terence Wright
Boy : Louis Mahoney
Geoffrey : Terence O'Sullivan

A Taste of Honey


A Taste of Honey

Production Team

Director : Clyde Jones
Set Design : Raymond Cusick

Stage Managers : Peter Hebbes, Joy Smith
ASMs : Bronwen Burke, Irene Taylor, John Peters, Elizabeth Crichton, Jane Elder
Lighting : Jim Parrish, Ginger Dunlap
Sound : Sylvia Goodman
Wardrobe Mistress : Jo Hall
Set constructed and painted by Raymond Cusick and Peter Hebbes