Look! No Eyebrows
An original revue for the old in heart devised by David Thompson & Don Goffin with music by Nick Tyrrell-Evans
Written by Geoff Strachan, Clyde Jones & Michael Smith; additional material by Brendon Garry & Peter Myers
Tower Theatre, Canonbury
July 7 - 15, 1961

  Also performed at the Pollock Memorial Hall as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, September 1 - 9, 1961


Clyde JonesFreda Dowie
Geoff StrachanMyfanwy May
Donald GoffinRosemary Noble
David MorganSusan Mindelsohn
Michael SmithEddie Sutherland
Tom Tillery 

Look! No Eyebrows

Production Team
Directors : David Thompson & Don Goffin
Set Design : Richard Hunt
Lighting Design : Ralph Shafran
Choreography : Rosemary Noble & Eddie Sutherland
Masks designed & made by Larry Barnes

Stage Manager : Susan Mindelsohn
DSM : Marilyn Gold
ASMs : Margaret Blake, Don Brown, Bill Manley, Charles Kingston
Lighting operator : Ralph Shafran, assisted by Tony Goodman, Anthony Macer
Wardrobe : Irvine Lindsay, Susan Manger
Properties : Paula Munday, Ken Millard