The Shoemaker's Holiday

by Thomas Dekker


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
April 7th - 15th, 1961

Cast List

Earl of Lincoln : Wilmot Bennitt
Sir Roger Oateley, Lord Mayor of London : Peter Wright

Rowland Lacy : Colin Ley
Askew : Bill Murphy
Lincoln's nephews
Simon Eyre, the Shoemaker : John Pettengell
Dame Margery, his wife : Betty George

Hodge : David Thwaites
Firk : James Sprott
Ralph : Tom Tillery
His Journeymen
, Ralph's wife : Pamela Withers
Dodger, servant to Lincoln : Harold Bennett
Rose, Sir Roger's daughter : Elizabeth Cunliffe
Sybil, Rose's maid : Juliet Bell
Hammon : Bill Phillips
Hammon's serving-man : Tony Goodman
Dutch Skipper : John Bennett
The King : Jack Francis
Earl of Rutland : Hyam Gilbert
Apprentices : Laurence Rooke, Ralph Shafran, Robert Hutley

The Shoemaker's Holiday


The Shoemaker's Holiday

Production Team

Director : David Thompson
Set Design : Judith Wood
Shoemakers' song composed by Hugh George
Lighting Design : Roger Schofield

Stage Manager : Marilyn Gold
ASMs : Ann Chivers, Charles Kingston, Don Brown
Lighting operator : Roger Schofield
Panatrope (sound) : Myfanwy May