The Buskers

by Kenneth Jupp


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
March 17th - 25th, 1961

Cast List

Max : Don Goffin
Agata, wife of Adam Cross : Rosemary Noble
Nicholas, her son-in-law : Peter Jackson
First Spectator : Charles Appleyard
Second spectator : Tony Goodman
Third spectator : Bill Manley
Guido, leader of a troupe of actors and musicians : Martin Dyas
Julia, his daughter : Ann Berry
Luke, Agata's father : Fred Radley
Beatrice, Agata's daughter : Jean Dempsey
A Young Man : David Crawley

The Buskers


The Buskers

Production Team

Director : David Jones
Set Design : Richard Hunt
Lighting Design : Ralph Shafran

Stage Manager : Nova Beer
ASMs : Liz Quin, Sheila Hawkins
Lighting operator : Ralph Shafran
Panatrope (sound) : Bill Manley
Costumes : Tower Theatre Wardrobe
Music arranged by Barbara Moore
Choreography : Rosemary Noble