The Jew of Malta
by Christopher Marlowe
Tower Theatre, Canonbury
March 4 - 12, 1960


Machiavel, as Prologue Ron Finch
Barabas, a wealthy Jew Donald Goffin
Abigail, his daughter Ann Berry
Two Jews, merchants David Crawley
Bobby Bernard
Ferneze, governor of Malta Tom Tillery
Ludowick, his son Ron Finch
Selim Calymath, son to the Grand Seignior of Turkey Larry Barnes
Martin del Basco, vice-admiral of Spain Anthony Goodman
Katharine, a widow Rosemary Noble
Mathias, her son Christopher Stephens
Donald Richmond
Edgar Davies
An Abbess of the Order of St Jacques Allison Purcell
A Nun of the same Order Jane Ogborn
Ithamore, a slave Fred Radley
Bellamira, a courtesan Myfanwy May
Pillia Borza, a bully, attendant on her Bobby Bernard
Knights, Officers, Slaves, Janizaries & Bassoes of the Turk Ann Berry
Allison Purcell
Charles Appleyard
David Crawley
Edgar Davies
John Dennis
Donald Richmond
James Sprot
Christopher Stephens

The Jew of Malta

Production Team
Director : Henry Burke
Set Design : Brian Massey
Lighting Design : Terry Bicknell
Costumes : Arts Theatre, Cambridge
Fights arranged by Larry Barnes

Stage Manager : Euan Felton, assisted by Dorothy Stewart
Music : Hugh Campbell & Geoffrey Sweatman
Switchboard : Marilyn Gold & Vic Bettinelli
Property master : Gerald Sweatman
Wardrobe mistress : Jo Hall
Set construction : Jon Ogborn