The Alchemist
by Ben Jonson
Tower Theatre, Canonbury
November 20 - 28, 1959


Subtle, the AlchemistGeorge Spaul
Face, the House-keeperPeter Dunkley
Dol Common, their ColleagueLee Devoti
Dapper, a clerkBobby Bernard
Abel Drugger, a Tobacco-manMichael Mountain
Lovewit, Master of the HouseDon Goffin
Epicure Mammon, a KnightGlen Doran
Pertinax Surly, a GamesterPeter Wade
Tribulation Wholesome, a Pastor of AmsterdamGeoffrey Holliday
Ananias, a Deacon thereEdgar Davies
Kastril, the Angry BoyChristopher Stephens
Dame Pliant, his Sister, a WidowValerie Hall
Neighbours, Officers, MutesYvonne Baker
Ann Berry
Pamela Withers
Michael Darwin
Horace Dawswell
Orchestra, Street Musicians, &cDavid Horwood (virginals)
Malcolm Gray (fife)
Bryan Rodda (drum)
Hugh Campbell (pipes)
Henry Burke (Sousaphone)

The Alchemist

Production Team
Director : Henry Burke
Set Design : Henry Burke

Stage Manager : Jill Ireland
ASMs : Sheila Jago, Hasel Prain
Wardrobe : Ann Berry
Lighting : Michael Darwin, Flip Moss
Set construction : Tower Theatre Workshop