Pursue the Dry Stubble
by Norris Harvey
Tower Theatre, Canonbury
October 23 - 31, 1959

  First production of the prize-winning entry in the company's Three-Act Play Competition


DragoHarold Bennett
IoPearl Prescod
MercuryJames Maxwell
PrometheusDon Kirkman
DaluaCorinne Skinner
HarryBloke Modisane
KagulaAli Ganda
VoiceDavid Bevan

Pursue the Dry Stubble

Production Team
Director : Margery Withers
Set Design : Richard Hunt
Lighting Design : Terence Bicknell

Stage Manager : Rosemary Nockolds
ASMs : Anthea Browne Wilkinson, David Bevan, Tony Goodman, Bill Manley
Lighting switchboard : Flip Moss
Wardrobe : Margaret Skea
Set construction : Jolyon Coombs - painted by Richard Hunt