The Love of Four Colonels
by Peter Ustinov
Tower Theatre, Canonbury
October 9 - 17, 1959

  Also presented on tour in Torquay, August 10 - 15, 1959


Colonel Wesley BreitenspiegelAdrian Rendle
Colonel Desmond de S Rinder-SparrowNorman Paul
Colonel Aimé FrappotDavid Morgan
Colonel Alexander IkonenkoMichael Mountain
The Mayor of HerzogenburgHyam Gilbert
Two Miserable ImmortalsPeter Bamford
Sheila Franglen
The PrincessMyfanwy May
Four Wives to Inspire Fear 
Mrs Rinder SparrowPaula Munday
Mrs BreitenspiegelSusan Mindelsohn
Mme FrappotJoan Wood
Mme IkonenkoEileen Baker

The Love of Four Colonels

Production Team
Director : Adrian Rendle
Set Design : Norman Fenner, Michael Smith
Lighting Design : Michael Rose

Stage Manager : Susan Mindelsohn
ASMs : Eileen Baker, Anthony Fearn, Gerald Groffman, Paula Munday
Wardrobe : Ann Berry, with Tower Theatre Wardrobe under the direction of Jo Hall
Lighting switchboard : Rosemary Noble
Conjuring devised by Larry Barnes