Much Ado About Nothing
by William Shakespeare
Tower Theatre, Canonbury
July 3 - 11, 1959

  Also performed at the American Youth Club, R.A.F. West Ruislip,
July 16 - 19, 1959


Don Pedro, Prince of AragonJohn Stuart
Don John, his bastard brotherRon Finch
Claudio, a young lord of FlorenceKenyon Robinson
Benedick, a young lord of PaduaAlec Brown
Leonato, Governor of MessinaPatrick Lockstone
Antonio, his brotherFrank Smith
Balthazar, attendant on Don PedroGeorge Kennedy
followers of Don John
Gerald Groffman
Robin Harland
Friar FrancisJack Francis
Dogberry, a constableJames Lloyd
Verges, a headboroughClyde Jones
Hugh Otecake, a watchmanJohn Bennett
George Seacole, a watchmanKenneth Grayer
Francis Seacole, a sextonPeter Wade
Hero, daughter to LeonatoHilary Newcombe
Beatrice, niece to LeonatoMyfanwy May
gentlewomen attending on Hero
Janet Harland
Marilyn Gold

Much Ado About Nothing

Production Team
Director : Kay Gardner
Set Design : Richard Hunt
Choreography : Douglas Dempster
Music arranged & recorded by Anthony Buckingham

Stage Manager : Betty George
DSM : Barbara Cross
ASMs : Avraham Klinger, Glyn Edwards, Derek Bennett, Marilyn Gold
Lighting switchboard : Michael Holden, Jill Ireland
Beatrice's first costume designed by Richard Hunt & made by Douglas Dempster
Set construction : Hugh George with Tower Theatre Workshop