The Plough & the Stars
by Sean O'Casey
Tower Theatre, Canonbury
February 27 - March 7, 1959


Fluther Good (a carpenter) Will Stampe
Peter Flynn (a labourer, Norah's uncle) Peter Dawson
Mrs Gogan (a charwoman) Rosaleen Scott
The Young Covey
(a fitter, Clitheroe's cousin)
Clyde Jones
Norah Clitheroe (Jack's wife) Denyse Macpherson
Bessie Burgess (a street fruit-vendor) Julie Stampe
Jack Clitheroe (a bricklayer, Commandant in the Irish Army) Peter Dunkley
Capt Brennan (a chicken butcher of the Irish Citizen Army) James Maxwell
Mollser (Mrs Gogan's consumptive child) Ann Berry
A bartenderJack Bennett
Rosie RedmondMargaret Jewell
The Voice of the SpeakerRobin Harland
Lt Langon of the Irish VolunteersWalter Kennedy
Corporal StoddartBill Manley
Sergeant TinleyRobin Harland
of the Wiltshires 

The Plough & the Stars

Production Team
Director : Walter Kennedy
Set Design : William Pearson
Lighting Design : Eric Lauder

Stage Manager : George Baker
DSM : Jill Ireland
ASMs : Glyn Edwards, Graham Morris, Ann Berry, Bill Manley, Valerie Hall, Peter Baker
Lighting operation : Eric Lauder
Wardrobe : Joyce Huddart
Set construction : Michael Rose, John Crisp, Graham Morris in the Tower Theatre Workshop