The Glass Slipper
A Fairy Tale by Herbert & Eleanor Farjeon
with music by Clifton Parker
Tower Theatre, Canonbury
January 9 - 24, 1959


The Family 
CinderellaMyfanwy May
FatherWill Stampe
StepmotherMarjorie Hogg
AramintaRosemary Noble
ArethusaJulie Stampe
The CoachmanTony Goodman
The Court 
The PrinceDai Evans
The KingTony Goodman
The QueenAnnette Panter
The ZanyJimmy Flood
The ToastmasterPeter Ariss
The HeraldGeorge Kennedy
The TrumpeterClyde Jones
The Footmen David Copsey
John Dennis
The Ladies 
The Marquise of CinnamonValerie Flood
The Countess of CarawayEileen Baker
The Baroness of AllspiceValerie Hall
The Archduchess of CochinealYvonne Baker
The Viscountess of ClovesMargaret Jewell
The Margravine of MaceMilli Evans
The Spirits 
The Fairy Godmother Paula Munday
EarthMilli Evans
AirAnn Berry
FireAngela McKenna
WaterMargaret Jewell
The Voices of the Things 
The ClockJohn Bennett
The TapClyde Jones
The BroomHarold Bennett
The FireJimmy Flood
The Harlequinade 
HarlequinRon Finch
ColumbineCarol Smart
The DoctorHarold Bennett
The MerchantBobby Bernard
The CaptainPatrick Mitchell
The Three GracesAnn Berry
Janet Harland
Angela McKenna
The Court BallerinasPatricia Dyer
Carol Smart

The Glass Slipper

Production Team
Director : Don Kirkman
Set Design : Norman Fenner
Lighting Design : David Alexander
Choreography : Patricia Dyer
At the piano : Laurie Jones

Stage Managers : Philippa Hodgson, Susan Mindelsohn
ASMs : Regina Joseph, Anthony Fearn, Ralph Shafran
Switchboard : Eric Lauder, Michael Holden, George Smith
Additional costumes designed & executed by Jo Hall in the Tower Theatre Wardrobe
Special effects : Bobby Bernard
Set construction : Michael Rose, Richard Hunt, Bill Pearson in the Tower Theatre Workshop