The Lunatic View

by David Campton


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
December 12th - 14th, 1958

Cast List

I. A smell of burning
Mr Jones : Peter Dunkley
Mrs Jones : Margaret Skea
Mr Robinson : Alun Robert

II. Memento mori

The Young Man : Douglas Dempster
The Old Man : Alun Roberts

III. Getting and Spending

Bobby : Freda Dowie
Evelyn : Douglas Dempster
Workman : George Spaul
Midwife : Margaret Skea

IV. Then . . . .

Mr Phythick : George Spaul
Miss Europe : Freda Dowie
The Announcer : James Maxwell
Production Team

Director : Kay Gardner
Set Design : Richard Hunt

Stage Manager : Murray Gilmore
DSM : Barbara Cross
ASMs : Jill Ireland, Glyn Edwards, Jacqueline Pearlman, Avraham Klinger, Derek Bennett
Special sound effects recorded by Patrick Morgan
Switchboard : Michael Holden, Stephen Webber