Romanoff and Juliet

by Peter Ustinov


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
July 25th - 27th and
October 10th - 18th, 1958

Also presented at the American Youth Club (RAF Station, W Ruislip), July 29th - 30th, 1958

Cast List

First soldier : James Maxwell
Second soldier : Eric Turner
The General : George Spaul
Hooper Moulsworth : William Waters
Vadim Romanoff : John Stuart
Igor Romanoff : Bill Phillips
Juliet Moulsworth : Mary McCarthy
The Spy : David Edwards
Beulah Moulsworth : Bobbie Peacock
Evdokia Romanoff : Kay Gardner
Junior Captain Marfa Zlotochienko : Jeanne Griffiths
Freddie Vanderstuyt : Ernest C Oberg
The Archbishop : John Bennett

Romanoff and Juliet


Romanoff and Juliet

Production Team

Director : Kay Gardner
Set Design : Jolyon
Costume Design : Jo Hall
Song Settings : David Edwards

Stage Manager : Flip Moss
DSM : Marion Russell
ASMs (July) : Sheila Franglen, Maureen Kerry, Barry Turner, Patsy Pye
ASMs (Oct) : Sheila Franglen, Tony Goodman, Robin Robertson, Ken Harris
Switchboard : Jennifer Lang, Barbara Cross
Costumes made in the Tower Theatre Wardrobe
Scenery made and painted in the Tower Theatre Workshop