Winter Journey

by Clifford Odets


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
May 23rd - 31st, 1958

Cast List

Bernie Dodd, stage director : Dai Evans
Larry, stage manager : Roy Baker
Phil Cook, producer : Bobby Bernard
Paul Unger, playwright : Clyde Jones
Nancy Stoddard, an actress : Milli Evans
Frank Elgin, an actor : Russell Duncan
George Elgin, Frank's wife : Jeanne Griffiths
Ralph, Frank's dresser : David Bromige

Production Team

Director : Don Kirkman
Set Design : Bruce Cleeve
Lighting : Jean Bueno de Mesquita

Stage Manager : Ralph Shafran
ASMs : Stephen Webber, Rock Peters, Paula Munday, Margot Eavis, Ann Monkhouse
Panatrope (sound operation) : Bill Manley
Wardrobe : Molly Rubeck
Set construction : Michael Rose and John Crisp in the Tower Theatre Workshop