Anna Christie

by Eugene O'Neill


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
May 9th - 17th, 1958

Cast List

"Johnny-the-Priest" : John Pettengell
Two longshoremen : William Martin, David Bromige
Larry, bar-tender : Ron Finch
A Postman : Will Stampe
Chris Christopherson, captain of the barge "Simeon Winthrop" : Jack Richman
Marthy Owen : Julie Stampe
Anna Christopherson, Chris's daughter : Rosemary Noble
Three men of a steamer's crew : William Martin, Sandy Knox, David Bromige
Matt Burke, a stoker : John Caesar
Johnson, deckhand on the barge : Will Stampe

Production Team

Director : Frank Smith
Set Design : Geoffrey Riley
Lighting : Jolyon Coombs

Stage Manager : Sandy Knox
ASMs : Sheila Collins, Michael Lee, Gillian MacPherson
Sound operator : Susan Mindelsohn
Lighting operator : David Alexander
Costumes made in Tower Theatre Wardrobe by Mina Hook
Scenery constructed and painted by Geoffrey Riley, assisted by Michael Lee