Cyrano de Bergerac

by Edmund Rostand
Translated by Humbert Wolfe


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
March 21st - 29th, 1958

*** First production of this translation ***

Cast List

Cyrano de Bergerac : Don Kirkman
Roxane : Anne Corby
Christian de Neuvillette : Dai Evans
Comte de Guiche : Wilmot Bennitt
Le Bret : Peter Dawson
Raganeau : Will Stampe
The Duenna : Molly Rubeck
Captain Carbon de Castel-Jaloux : Peter Ariss
Vicomte de Valvert : Adrian Rendle
Cuigy : Michael Lee
Brissaille : Donald Richmond
Lignière : David Edwards
Montfleury : Hyam Gilbert
Bellerose : John Bennett
Jodelet : Harold Bennett
An Actress : Myfanwy May
The Marquis : Norman Rimer
Another Marquis : Ron Finch
A Musketeer : Jolyon Booth
The Orange Girl : Denyse Macpherson
Another Musketeer : Peter Dunkley
The Porter : Patrick Ridgeway
A Pickpocket : Bobby Bernard
A Citizen : Victor Shaw
His Son : Jeremy Gilbert
The Lackeys : Bill Manley, Clive Hopkins
Ladies at the Theatre : Joan Clothier, Frances Maxwell, Mary Fox
The Pastrycooks : Jack Bennett, Alan Phillips, Peter Hutchings
An Apprentice : Jeremy Gilbert
The Capucin : John Bennett
Lise : Margaret Skea
Mother Marguerite de Jesus : Corinne Birch
Sister Marthe : Myfanwy May
Sister Claire : Patsy Nann
The Officers of Gascony : David Green, Norman Rimmer, Patrick Ridgeway, Hyam Gilbert, Victor Shaw, Ron Finch, David Edwards
Other Sisters of the Order of the Cross : Denyse Macpherson, Mary Fox, Rita Dorfman

Cyrano de Bergerac

Production Team

Director : Adrian Rendle
Set Design : Thomas Carter
Lighting : Jean Bueno de Mesquita

Stage Manager : Rosemary Noble
ASMs : Paula Munday, Ralph Shafran
Wardrobe : Mina Hook, Juliet Smith, Millie Evans
Properties : Irene Hill
Duel in Act I supervised by Dai Evans
Scenery constructed and painted in the Tower Theatre Workshop under the supervision of Thomas Carter