The Confidential Clerk

by T S Eliot


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
February 21st - March 1st, 1958

Cast List

Sir Claude Mulhammer : Jolyon Booth
Eggerson : Robert Salmon
Colby Simpkins : Clyde Jones
B Kaghan : Clive Hilton
Lucasta Angel : Gloria Dolskie
Lady Elizabeth Mulhammer : Rita Paton
Mrs Guzzard : Susan Mindelsohn

The Confidential Clerk


The Confidential Clerk

Production Team

Director : Donald Goffin
Set Design : Darrol Blake
Miss Paton's costumes designed and made by Jo Hall

Stage Manager : Marion Russell
ASMs : Jennifer Lang, Michael Rose, Georgina Nestle, Joyce Huddart
Lighting operator : George Baker
Wardrobe : Philippa Hodgson
Scenery constructed and painted in the Tower Theatre Workshop by Darrol Blake, assisted by Norman Fenner & Christopher Coombs