The Rose & the Ring
by William M Thackeray, adapted by Harris Deans
Tower Theatre, Canonbury
January 3 - 18, 1958


Fairy BlackstickGloria Dolskie
Two WitchesJolyon Booth
Edward Sutherland
King Valoroso,
usurper of the throne of Paflagonia
Michael Segal
Emma, his QueenJean Bueno de Mesquita
HRH Princess Angelica, their daughterAnne Corby
HRH Prince Giglio,
the rightful King of Paflagonia
David Thompson
Betsinda, really
the rightful Queen of Crim Tartary
Philippa Hodgson
Countess Graffanuff, a self-titled member of the Court Paula Munday
Jenkins Graffanuff Esq, her husbandFred Radley
John, the footmanEric Turner
Baron Glumboso,
the Prime Minister of Paflagonia
Michael Lee
Captain Hedzoff,
OIC Paflagonian Army
Stephen Webber
Giglio's fellow students
Eric Turner
David Edwards
The SergeantEdward Sutherland
King Padella,
usurper of the throne of Crim Tartary
George Spaul
Prince Bulbo, his sonDonald Goffin
Hogginarmo, his generalJolyon Booth
A WoodcutterClyde Jones
His wifeValerie Hatton
Their childrenJulia Black
Caroline Conroy
Martin Abrahams
ArchbishopHarold Bennett
Two soldiers of Crim Tartary,
in charge of lions
Fred Radley
Clyde Jones
A LionBill Manley
The ProtelariatMargaret Masters
Victor Shaw
Cyril Sherwood
Alexandra Trone


Myfanwy May
Flautist Barbara Webber

Production Team
Director : Adrian Rendle
Set Design : Thomas Carter
Music : Robert Cox
Lyrics : Desmond Carter

Stage Manager : George Baker
ASMs : Alexandra Trone, Laureen Strassheim, Ralph Shafran, Margaret Masters
Sound operator : Susan Mindelsohn
Lighting operator : David Alexander
Set construction : Thomas Carter, assisted by Peter Burke, Christopher Cole, Russell Duncan, Patrick Ridgway