The Rose and the Ring

by William M Thackeray
Adapted by Harris Deans


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
January 3rd - 18th, 1958

Cast List

Fairy Blackstick : Gloria Dolskie
Two Witches : Jolyon Booth, Edward Sutherland
King Valoroso, usurper of the throne of Paflagonia : Michael Segal
Emma, his Queen : Jean Bueno de Mesquita
HRH Princess Angelica, their daughter : Anne Corby
HRH Prince Giglio, the rightful King of Paflagonia : David Thompson
Betsinda, really the rightful Queen of Crim Tartary : Philippa Hodgson
Countess Graffanuff, a self-titled member of the Court : Paula Munday
Jenkins Graffanuff Esq, her husband : Fred Radley
John, the footman : Eric Turner
Baron Glumboso, the Prime Minister of Paflagonia : Michael Lee
Captain Hedzoff, OIC Paflagonian Army : Stephen Webber

Smith : Eric Turner
Jones : David Edwards
Giglio's fellow students

The Sergeant : Edward Sutherland
King Padella, usurper of the throne of Crim Tartary : George Spaul
Prince Bulbo, his son : Donald Goffin
Hogginarmo, his general : Jolyon Booth
A Woodcutter : Clyde Jones
His wife : Valerie Hatton
Their children : Julia Black, Caroline Conroy, Martin Abrahams
Archbishop : Harold Bennett
Two soldiers of Crim Tartary, in charge of lions : Fred Radley, Clyde Jones
A Lion : Bill Manley
The Protelariat : Margaret Masters, Victor Shaw, Cyril Sherwood, Alexandra Trone

Pianist : Myfanwy May
Flautist : Barbara Webber

Production Team

Director : Adrian Rendle
Set Design : Thomas Carter
Music : Robert Cox
Lyrics : Desmond Carter

Stage Manager : George Baker
ASMs : Alexandra Trone, Laureen Strassheim, Ralph Shafran, Margaret Masters
Sound operator : Susan Mindelsohn
Lighting operator : David Alexander
Set construction : Thomas Carter, assisted by Peter Burke, Christopher Cole, Russell Duncan, Patrick Ridgway