Caesar and Cleopatra

by George Bernard Shaw


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
October 19 - 27, 1956

Cast List

The God Ra : Wilmot Bennitt
Caesar : Adrian Rendle
Cleopatra : Myfanwy May
Ftatateeta, her chief nurse : Jean Bueno de Mesquita

Charmian : Patsy Nann
Iras : Philippa Hodgson
Attendant : Pauline Harris
Her waiting women

King Ptolemy, her brother : John Levitt
Pothinus, the King's guardian : Thomas Carter
Theodotus, the King's tutor : Harold Bennett
Achillas, the King's general : Eric Turner
Rufio, a Roman officer : George Spaul
Britannus, Caesar's secretary : Victor Shaw
Lucius Septimus : Terence Parsons
A centurion : David Avery
A sentinel : Peter Ariss
Appolodorus, a Sicilian : Larry Barnes
First porter : Roy Baker
Second porter : John Levitt
Roman soldiers : Paul Hannen, Bobby Bernard, Cyril Sherwood, Donald Powell, Jeremy Pudney
A boatman : Jeremy Pudney
A musician : Jack Bennett
A harpgirl : Irene Carter
An official : James Aldrich
A major domo : Francis Butler
An Egyptian priest : Wilmot Bennitt
A palace servant : Colinson Brinson
Cleopatra's attendant : Christopher Sapara
Slave Girl : Doreen Fiveash
Councillors : George Baker, Raymond Harris

Caesar and Cleopatra


Caesar and Cleopatra

Production Team

Director : Don Kirkman
Set Design : Vic Symonds and Joe McGrath
Costume Design : Karl Hawker
Lighting : Ron Francis and Michael Rawley
Music & Effects : Bill Manley

Stage Managers : Eric Turner, Roy Baker
ASMs : Sheila Butler, Rita McGarrigle
Wardrobe : Ethel Ball, Winnie Law, Ann Cushing
Properties : Irene Hill, S E Boston
Set construction : Vic Symonds assisted by Joe McGrath, Terence Bicknell & George Baker in the Tower Theatre Workshop