The Taming of the Shrew
by William Shakespeare
Tower Theatre, Canonbury
June 29 - July 7, 1956


Christopher SlyPeter Ariss
A lordPhillip Hobsbaum
His attendantsPaula Munday
Myfanwy May
Bartholomew, his pagePhilippa Hodgson
MessengerEdward Sutherland
The PlayersThomas Carter
Francis Butler
George Spaul
Larry Barnes
Jean Linfoot
Lucentio, a gallant of PisaBrian Tully
Tranio, his manEric Turner
Baptista Minola, a merchant of PaduaDon Kirkman
his daughters
Pat Jolliffe
Brenda Plumley
suitors to Bianca
Francis Butler
Thomas Carter
Servant to BaptistaEdward Archibald
Biondello, servant to LucentioLarry Barnes
Petruchio, a gallant of VeronaBill Phillips
Grumio, his manGeorge Spaul
A pedantPhillip Hobsbaum
Curtis, servant to PetruchioHarold Bennett
Petruchio's household
Wilmot Bennitt
Bobby Bernard
TailorPeter Ariss
HaberdasherEdward Sutherland
Vincentio, father to LucentioWilmot Bennitt
A widowPaula Munday
Wedding GuestsJohn Messenger
Betty Walker

The Taming of the Shrew

Production Team
Director : Christopher Mears
Lighting : Ron Francis & Adrian Paton

Stage Manager : Christopher Mears
ASMs : Elisabeth Wood, Margaret Goodman, Patsy Nann
Wardrobe : Myfanwy May, Margery Withers, Jo Hall, Dorothy Fox, Edna Turner & Angela Rooks in the Tower Theatre Wardrobe
Properties : Joan Smith
Set construction : Christopher Mears assisted by Terence Bicknell, Bobby Bernard & Philippa Hodgson in the Tower Theatre Workshop