Jack & the Beanstalk
adapted from an original pantomime by Patrick Henderson & Roger Winton. Lyrics & Music by Leslie James
Tower Theatre, Canonbury
January 6 - 14, 1956


Mandy, a visitor from AmericaPaula Munday
Carl, a visitor from FranceJohn Messenger
Lizzie, a flower seller, Willie's motherDorothy Fox
Fred, a barrow boyWilmot Bennitt
Widow Hardcash, landlady of Canonbury TavernAnnette Panter
Adam, an ancient relicEddie Sutherland
A street singer, a doubtful characterTom Carter
A constable, the female of the speciesJean Bueno de Mesquita
Annabel, Willie's girl friendJeanne Duval
Jill's friends
Pauline Harris
Daphne Malin
Anne Corby
Janet Clarke
The announcer, a man of partsBobby Bernard
Widow Wishful, a lady of characterEric Turner
Willie, a comical cowhandLes Silver
Charlie Drip
Arnold Drab
the broker's men
Jack Francis
Cyril Sherwood
Jack, Widow Wishful's pride & joyDenyse Macpherson
Jill, the Squire's stepdaughterSheila Toff
Buttercup, a coy cowJuliet Smith
Diana Jones
The Blue Moon FairyEileen Noble
Zodiac, a wicked magicianTom Carter
The Squire, a fast workerJohn Archer
The schoolmasterBobby Bernard
Smash & Grab, Guards of the Giant's CastleLarry Barnes
Bobby Bernard
Scorpio, the evil dancerWilmot Bennitt
Humdigger, a gigantic giantTom Carter
Moonbeams & Signs of the ZodiacPauline Harris
Anne Corby
Janet Clarke
Wilmot Bennitt
Eddie Sutherland
John Messenger

Jack & the Beanstalk

Production Team
Director : Kay Gardner
Set Design : Norman Fenner
Lighting Design : Kay Gardner
Costumes made in the Tower Theatre Wardrobe
Dances arranged by Ursula Fincham
Additional Dialogue : Larry Barnes & Bobby Bernard
At the Piano : Rita Paton

Stage Manager : Susan Mindelsohn
ASMs : Joan Bardsley, Irene Carter, Laureen Strassheim
Lighting operators : Terence Bicknell, John Fox, Vic Symonds, Mary McCarthy
Wardrobe : Margaret Hocking
Properties : Irene Carter, Irene Hill, Margaret Gentry