King Lear's Wife

by Gordon Bottomley


Christchurch Studio Theatre
October 14 - 15, 1950

Presented with two other plays - A Merry Death by Nicholas Evreinov and Marry-Go-Round by Sydney Box

Cast List

Merryn : Annette Panter
Goneril : Eve Scarisbrick
Hygd : Molly Smith
King Lear : Peter Bowen-Evans
Gormflaith : Jane Possé
Physician : Peter Jone
Cordeil : Valerie Morrison
Younger woman : Elizabeth Budd
Elder woman : Molly Rubeck

Production Team

Director : Peter Curtis

Stage Manager : Denis Snowman
ASMs : Michael Buller, Tony Rea, Ilse Stern
Electrician : Edward Archibald
Wardrobe : Erica Blume
Properties : Norman Fenner