Love for Love

by William Congreve


Tavistock Little Theatre
January 14 - 21, 1950

Cast List

Valentine, elder son to Sir Sampson Legend : Arthur Adair
Jeremy, his servant : John Francis
Scandal, his friend : George Brown
Trapland, a scrivener : Denis Snowman
Tattle, a beau : George Kennedy
Mrs Frail, sister to Mrs Foresight : Jean Bueno de Mesquita
Foresight, a superstitious astrologer : Wilfred Cook
Servant : Reginald Price
Angelica, niece to Foresight : Madeline Durrant
Sir Sampson Legend : Patrick Bacon
Mrs Foresight, second wife to Foresight : Patience Sheffield
Miss Prue, daughter to Foresight by a former wife : Rosemary Webster
Ben, younger son to Sir Sampson : Robin Wade
Buckram, a lawyer : John Bennett


Love for Love

Production Team

Director : Leon Sinden
Set Design : Hilary Stewart

Stage Managers : Sylvia Metcalf & Denis Snowman
Wardrobe supervised by Dorothy Fox
Lighting by Peter Harlow
Set construction : Frank Rogers & James Flood