The Beaux' Stratagem

by George Farquhar


Tavistock Little Theatre
November 15 - 16, 1946

Cast List

Boniface, landlord of the inn : Francis Potter
Cherry, his daughter : Joan Bedford-Bevan
Thomas Aimwell : Hugh Barty-King
Francis Archer : Frank Berg
Gentlemen of broken fortune
Mrs Sullen : Margery Withers
Dorinda, her sister-in-law : Eileen Noble
Squire Sullen : Patrick Bacon
Scrub, his servant : Douglas Rookes
Gibbet, a highwayman : John White
Gipsy, maid to Mrs Sullen : Madeline Durrant
Foigard, a priest : Walter Kennedy
Lady Bountiful, mother of Squire Sullen & Dorinda : Dorothy Fox
Hounslow : Philip Vellacott
Bagshot : Victor Swain
Sir Charles Freeman, brother to Mrs Sullen : John Francis

The Beaux' Stratagem


The Beaux' Stratagem

Production Team

Director : Gwen Bacon
Set Design : Francis Wentworth-Sheilds

Stage Manager : R H E Nelson
ASMs : Fred Jaeger, James Keggie, Pamela Bennett
Electrician : Harold Martin
Wardrobe Mistress : June Finigan