The Apple Cart

by George Bernard Shaw


Tavistock Little Theatre
June 22 - 23, 1945

Cast List

King Magnus : John Dawes
Queen Jemima : Marie Delphin
Princess Alice : June Wilkins

The King's Secretaries
Sempronius : Frank Smith
Pamphilius : W B Clarke

Orinthia : Margaret Godwin

Members of the Cabinet
, the Prime Minister : Alan Philllips
Boanerges, President of the Board of Trade : Jack Richman
Balbus, Home Secretary : Rowland White
Pliny, Chancellor of the Exchequer : George Carter
Nicobar, Foreign Secretary : Bernard Cox
Crassus, Colonial Secretary : Terence Dennis
Amanda, Postmistress General : Dorothy Fox
Lystrata, Powermistress General : Molly Whiting

Mr Vanhattan
, the American Ambassador : John Blain
Production Team

Director : Marjorie Gabain
Set Design : Guy Sheppard

Stage Manager : Desmond Hall
Assistant Stage Managers : Joan Hymans & Phyllis Roper
Set construction : Members of the Repertory Company