Tobias and the Angel

by James Bridie


Charrington Hall
April 12 - 13 & 19 - 20, 1940

Joint production with St Pancras People's Theatre

Cast List

Tobit, a poor Jew : Michael Hitchman
Tobias, his son : Walter Cory
The Archangel Raphael : Douglas Snelgar
Anna, Tobit's wife : Margery Withers
Mirza Khan, a Kurdish Bandit : Rowland White
Sara, Raguel's daughter : Madeline Durrant
Azorah, a dancer : Peggy Godwin
Girls in attendance on Sara : Peggy Jackson, Olive Willis
Sherah, a singing girl : Edith Rose
Raguel, a rich Jew : G.V. Carter
Sam, an Ethiopian slave : Kenneth Evennett
Asmoday, a demon : Rowland White
Production Team

Producer : Raymond Raikes
Setting devised by the Producer and painted by Betty Upton
Costumes designed by Iris Snowman and made by Eileen Bright and also from the St. Pancras People's Theatre

Stage Manager : Mary Fitzgerald
Assistant Stage Manager : Tom Puzey
Electrician : C. W. Godbold
Property Mistress: Olive Willis
Extra lighting by the Strand Electric and Engineering Co., Ltd.
Dog kindly lent by Mrs. May Humble
Fish kindly lent by Miss Radford of Exeter
Wigs by Nathan.