Maria Marten
or The Murder in the Red Barn



Tavistock Little Theatre
June 9 - 10, 1939

Cast List

William Corder, Squire of Polestead's son : Mr Powis
Mister Marten, an honest rustic : Mr Carter
Ishmael Lee, an old Gipsy man : Mr Blain
Pharos Lee, his son : Mr Barker
Tim Bobbin : Mr Richman
Flatcatcher : Mr Green
Topersloper : Mr Allegro
Showmen at the Fair
Jacko : Ms Hitchman
Maria Marten : Mrs Kaye
Dame Marten, her mother : Mrs Fort
Anna, her sister : Mrs Bacon
Gipsies & Country Lasses : Mistresses Harmsworth, Hopkins, Cooper, Hitchman, Durrant, Snowman
Utility Gentleme : Masters Benson, Allegro, Barker, Ades, Green, Evenett

Duettists between the scenes
: Mrs Fox, Mister Evans

Musicians : Mistress Back (pianoforte), Mistress O'Farrell (viola), Mistress Brenchley (violin), Mistress Johnstone (cello)

Maria Marten

Production Team

Director : Frank Harwood
Musical Director : Mistress (Norah) Back
Set Design : Jean Gordon
Stage Director : Rowland White

Stage Manager : Trudi Stack
ASM : Desmond Hall
Wardrobe : Winifred Fecher & Eileen Bright