Androcles and the Lion

by George Bernard Shaw


Tavistock Little Theatre
April 28 - 29, 1939

One of two plays presented together, the other being Bernard Shaw's Overruled

Cast List

Androcles, a Greek tailor : Walter Cory
Mmegaera, his wife : Honor Campbell
The Lion, ("Tommy") : Harry H Hudson
The Centurion : Rowland White
Lavinia, a Christian : Edith Rose
The Captain : Leonard White
Lentulus : E W Brown
Metellus : John Cain
Roman courtiers
Spintho, a debauchee : Alec Ross
Ferrovius, an armourer : Ronald Anderson
Both Christians
The Menagerie Keeper : E Willett Brown
The call boy : Janet Hitchman
Retiarius : Douglas Snelgar
Secutor : Howard Dickinson
The Editor of the gladiators : Martin Benson
The Emperor : Jack Richman
Christians, soldiers, gladiators etc. : June Grimble, Tom Puzey, Yvonne de Leddra, Timothy Killar, Lillian Shadwell, Kenneth Evenett, Ethel Smith, Carol Jackson, Beatrice Cooper, Pauline Growse, David Morrison, Neil Wilson, Albert Allegro
Production Team

Director : Raymond Raikes
Set Design : Denise Saxton
Costumes designed & chosen by Winifred Fecher

Stage Manager : Mary Fitzgerald
ASM : Honor Campbell
Electrician : C W Godbold
Masks & properties under direction of Violet Rutter
Set construction : Desmond Hall and Betty Upton & members of the company