Tavistock Little Theatre
March 17 - 18, 1939

The play was preceded by the performance of a Mass composed by Edric Cundell,
under whose direction it was sung by students of the Guildhall School of Music

Cast List

The Voice of God
: John Wyse
Death : John Gare-Pitt
Fellowship : Leonard White
Cousin : Michael Hitchman
Kindred : Margery Withers
Goods : Jack Richman
Good Deeds : June Grimble
Strength : Henry Wilkins
Discretion : Margaret Tyler
Five Wits : John Cain
Beauty : Constance Ashley-Jones
Knowledge : Julie Mars
Confession : Douglas Snelgar
Angels : Jane Kaye, Beth Carr, Ivy Harcourt, Iris Snowman, Dorothy Frazer-Nash, Dorothy Edwardes
Bearers : Tom Puzey, Martin Benson, Timothy Killar, Kenneth Evenett




Production Team

Director : Osmond P Raphael
Set & Costume Design : Guy Sheppard

Stage Manager : Alastair Lucas
Stage Electrician : C W Godbold
Costumes made by the theatre wardrobe under supervision of Winifred Fecher & Eileen Bright
Scenery painted by Jean Gordon