The Way of the World

by William Congreve


Tavistock Little Theatre
November 25 - 26 & December 2 - 3, 1938

Cast List

Fainall : Neil Pascall
Mirabell : Douglas Muir
Witwoud : Jack Shepherd
Petulant : Jack Richman
Followers of Mrs Millamant
Sir Wilful Witwoud, nephew to Lady Wishfort : George Carter
Waitwelll, servant to Mirabell : Jack Newmark
Lady Wishfort : Marjorie Ashton
Mrs Millamant, niece to Lady Wishfort : Audrey Reeves
Mrs Marwood : Constance Fecher
Mrs Fainall, daughter to Lady Wishfort : Muriel Powis
Foible : Julie Mars
Peg : Janet Burrows
Women to Lady Wishfort
Mincing, woman to Mrs Millamant : Peggy Jackson
Betty, serving wench to the Chocolate House : Dorothy Frazer Nash
Footmen : Henry Wilkins, Robert Davies
Dancers : Pupils of the Sparksman School of Dancing

The Way of the World

Production Team

Director : Raymond Raikes
Set Design : Denise Saxton
Costume Design : Wendy Howard

Stage Manager : Trudi Stack
ASM : Alastair Lucas
Stage Managers for the theatre : Sidney Green, Neale Philips
Stage electrician : C W Godbold
Set construction : Denise Saxton