No More Peace!

by Ernst Toller, translated by Edward Crankshaw Lyrics adapted by W H Auden; Music by Herbert Murrill


Tavistock Little Theatre
May 27 - 28 & June 3 - 4, 1938

First London production


The Angel : Vida Hope
Napoleon : Walter Cory
St Francis : John Blain
Cherub : Norman Bueno de Mesquita
Noah, an unemployed seaman : Carl Routledge
Samjule, a commissionaire : Albert Allegro
James, the policeman : Henry F Wilkins
Lot, Emissary from the League of Nations : Rowland White
Laban, banker in Dunkelstein : Jack Shepherd
David, a schoolmaster : Lewis Mervyn
Jacob, a Brazilian : Ygal Gal-Ezer
Rachel : Madeline Durrant
The Thin Man : Jack Wing
The Fat Man : Jack Richman
The Little Man : Jack Newmark
Cain : William Avenell
Sarah, Rachel's nurse : Kathleen White
Her dog : Paul
Doctor : Sidney Green
Socrates : Hudson Smith
Warder : Jack Clifford
Drummer boy : Jeffry Burnstock
Nurse : Iris Snowman
Loyal citizens, workers etc. : John Bailey, Lionel Hamilton, Martin Summers, Tom Puzey, Ronald Taylor, P Norris, Betty Upton, Violet Rutter, Jane Kaye, Maisie Dyke, Madeline Sigg, Dorothy Toogood, Dickie Panter, Sylvia Schild, Prudence Cox, Wilfred Dunn, Dora Woolgar

Musicians : Marjorie Reed & Eric Harrison (pianos)
Charles Garcia (drums)


No More Peace!

Production Team

Director : Leonard Crainford
Associate directors : Guy Sheppard & Beryl Jones
Set & Costume Design : Guy Sheppard

Stage Manager : Kay Gardner
Stage electrician : C W Godbold
Asst electricians : Doris Foster, Gaye Edwards, Alastair Lucas
Sound effects : Neale Phillips
Property Mistress : Ruth Pizer