The Duchess of Malfi

by John Webster


Tavistock Little Theatre
December 3 - 4, 1937


Antonio Bologna, Steward of the household of the Duchess : F J C Read
Delio, his friend : William Morgan
Daniel de Bosola, Gentleman of the Horse to the Duchess : E Wigand
The Cardinal, his brother : J H Hazelhurst
Ferdinand, Duke of Calabria : John Irvine
Silvio : Henry Wilkins
Castruccio : Sidney Green
Roderigo : E D Shaw
Count Malatesti : Alan Kitching
Marquis of Pescara : George Carter
Grisolan : John Rignall
Duchess of Malfi : Muriel Powis
Cariola, her woman : Ivy Harcourt
Julia, Castruccio's wife & the Cardinal's mistress : Dorothy Fox
Doctor : Jack Richman
Ladies, Children, Exectioners, Officers, Attendants & Madmen : Betty Scott, Anne Westbury, Elsie Mackay, Joan Clegg, Lewis Blanckensee, C Burbank, C Routledge, W Rowbotham, Alec Powis, Alan Kitching
Production Team

Director : Grahame Clifford
Scenery : Grahame Clifford
Art Director : Guy Sheppard

Stage Director : Frank Smith
Stage Manager : Jeanne Lombard
ASM : Neil Phillips
Stage electrician : C W Godbold