Dr. Faustus

by Christopher Marlowe


Tavistock Little Theatre
November 12 - 13, 1937


The Pope : C Burbank
Cardinal of Lorraine : Frederick Spelling
Emperor of Germany : Hubert Courtney
Duke of Vanholt : E S Guest
Faustus : Douglas Muir
Valdes : Hubert Courtney
Cornelius : Edward Wigand
Wagner : Leonard Pearce
Clown : A S Martin
Robin : Pat James
Ralph : A S Martin
Vintner : George Carter
A Knight : C Burbank
An Old Man : Sidney Green
Lucifer : Rowland White
Mephistophilis : Gordon Edwards
Spirit of Alexander : Rowland White
Chorus : Alec Powis
1st Scholar : Hallam Fordham
2nd Scholar : Lewis Blanckensee
3rd Scholar : Frederick Spelling
Duchess of Vanholt : Vivienne Wilkinson
Good Angel : Olive White
Evil Angel : Eileen Delamere
Spirit of Helen of Troy : Joan Clegg
Spirit of Alexander's Paramour : Pat O'Connor
Pride : Joan Clegg
Covetousness : Dorothy Fox
Wrath : Eric Guest
Envy : E Sims
Sloth :Pat O'Connor
Gluttony : Vera Collins
Lechery : Ivy Harcourt

Dr. Faustus


Dr. Faustus

Production Team

Director : Osmond Raphael
Art Director : Guy Sheppard
Costume Design : Patrick Leinster
Dances arranged by Lilian Oakshott

Stage Director : Frank Smith
Stage Manager : Norman Giles
Stage Electrician : C W Godbold