In Theatre Street

by Henri-René Lenormand; English version by Ashley Dukes


Tavistock Little Theatre
October 8 - 9, 1937


Electrician : Raymond Brenchley
Producer : Alan Kitching
Property Man : Pat James
Manager : Richard Lydall
Film Vice-President : Ernest Brown
Actress : Patricia Baird
Author : Halam Fordham
Character Man : James Robinson
Character Woman : Annette Panter
Actor : J Robinson Bangs
Messenger Girl : Olive White
Leading Lady : Georgina Dunbar
Comedian : Malcolm Hayes
Rag-and-Bone Man : Hamish Walls
President of the Globe Film Corporation : Douglas Muir
Film Director : Frederick Spelling
Continuity Writer : Hamish Walls
Two members of the Board : Eric Guest, Raymond Brenchley
Production Team

Director : Osmond Raphael
Set Design : Guy
Art Director : Guy Sheppard

Stage Director : Frank Smith
Stage electrician : C W Godbold