Saint Joan

by George Bernard Shaw


Tavistock Little Theatre
May 13 & 22, 1937


Robert de Baudricourt : Alec Powis
A Steward : Pat James
Bertrand de Poulengey : Arnold Locke
Joan : Muriel Powis
La Tremouille, the Lord Chamberlain : Peter Joseph
The Archbishop of Rheims : George Carter
Gilles de Rais, (Bluebeard) : Henry Wilkins
Captain La Hire : Frank Carpenter
The Dauphin, (afterwards Charles VII) : Frank Read
The Duchess de la Tremouille : Annette Panter
Dunois : Carl Routledge
Page to Dunois : Dorothy Frazer-Nash
The Earl of Warwick : Douglas Muir
Caucon, Bishop of Beauvais : Henry Hewetson
Brother John Lemaître, (the Inquisitor) : Alec Powis
Canon d'Estivet : Henry Wilkins
Canon de Courcelles : William Rowbotham
Brother Martin : Frank Blanckensee
The Executioner : Frank Carpenter
An English Soldier : William Rowbotham
A Clerical Gentleman : Pat James
Ladies of the Court, Courtiers, Assessors, Soldiers etc : D Stanton, M Niell, V Rose, F Nagle, Winter, Locke, P Joseph, N Wilson

Saint Joan
  Saint Joan

Production Team

Director : Frank Harwood
Heraldry : Violet Rutter
Music : Grace George, or Doris McCarthy & Frank Levett

Stage Manager for the theatre : Aubie Sharr
Stage Managers for the company : Mary Schofield, Frederick Nagle