A Man's House

by John Drinkwater


Tavistock Little Theatre
May 7 - 8, 1937


Salathiel, a rich Merchant of Jerusalem : W Hudson Smith
Nathan, his brother : Patrick Leinster
Esther, his elder daughter : Irene Palmer
Rachel, his younger daughter : Madge Dawson
Mathias, his son : Lionel Hamilton
David, Rachel's lover : Ronald Taylor
Levi, another merchant : Walter Carey
Isaac, Salathiel's steward : Jack Richman
Jacob, one of his servants : Malcolm Hayes
A Roman Officer : William Morgan
Barnabas, David's father, a public official : Leonard Pearce
Roman Guard : Leslie Mansell
A Clerk : Leslie Mansell

Production Team

Director : Osmond Raphael
Set Design : Spelling
Music under the direction of Doris McCarthy & Frank Levett

Stage Manager for Theatre : Aubie Sharr
Stage Manager for Company : Lawrence Sultan