A Sleeping Clergyman

by James Bridie


Tavistock Little Theatre
January 22 & 30, 1937


Members of the Chorus
A Sleeping Clergyman
: Chalard Fordis
Dr Cooper
: Malcolm Cooper
Dr Coutts
: G V Carter
: Laurence Sultan

People in the Play
Charles Cameron the First : William Avenell
Mrs Hannah : Violet Rutter
Dr Marshall : Neil Pascall
Harriet Marshall : Irene Palmer
Cousin Minnie : Pat Nicholls
Aunt Walker : Dorothy Fox
Wilhelmina Cameron : Irene Palmer
John Hannah : Malcolm Hayes
A Sergeant : William Morgan
A Constable : Lionel Hamilton
Charles Cameron the Second : William Avenell
Donovan : Frank Carpenter
Lady Todd Walker : Eileen Jones
Sir Douglas Todd Walker : Richard Lydall
Hope Cameron : Irene Palmer
Little Thing : Vida Hope
Dr Purley : Lionel Hamilton
Lady Katherine Helliwell : Margaret Godwin
Dr Coutts : G V Carter
Medical Students : Laurence Sultan, Jane Kaye

A Sleeping Clergyman
  A Sleeping Clergyman

Production Team

Director : Leonard Crainford
Settings & Lighting : Guy
Music by Doris McCarthy & Frank Levett

Stage Manager for theatre : Rowland White
Stage Manager for company : Katherine Bradley
Property Master for company : Laurence Sultan
Settings properties constructed in the theatre workshop under direction of Trudy Stack