The Devil's Disciple

by George Bernard Shaw


Tavistock Little Theatre
June 5 - 6, 1936

Cast List

Mrs Dudgeon : Mary Lyne
Essie : Dorothy Frazer-Nash
Christopher Dudgeon : James Robinson
Anthony Anderson : Leon Obee
Judith Anderson : Audrey Reeves
Lawyer Hawkins : Guy Wilkins
Titus Dudgeon : Gerard Hesse
William Dudgeon : Beresford Kemmis
Mrs Titus Dudgeon : Violet Rutter
Mrs William Dudgeon : Pat Nicholls
Richard Dudgeon : Alec Powis
The Sergeant : Ewart Wheeler
General Burgoyne : Frank Smith
Major Swindon : Wilfred Sultan
Mr Brudenell : Orchard Foot
Soldiers : Arthur Donald, Gilbert Hughes, Lionel Parcel, John Francis
Crowd : Connie Fecher, Margaret Godwin, Jane Kaye, Pat Nicholls, Violet Rutter, Lionel Hamilton, Malcolm Hayes, Peter Jackson, Duncan Marks, Richard Seaton, John Spalding, Norman Thompson
Production Team

Director : Frank Smith
Set Design : Violet Rutter
Music under the direction of Beatrice Stiff

Stage Manager : W A Heaven
ASM : Arthur Donald