The Knight of the Burning Pestle

by Francis Beaumont & John Fletcher


Tavistock Little Theatre
May 8 - 9, 1936


Citizen : Albert Blackett
Citizen's Wife : Constance Fecher
Ralph : Leonard Pearce
Prologue : Jane Kaye
Musicians : Jean Owen, Beatrice Stiff
Prompter : Peggy Watson
Stage Hand : Violet Rutter
Venturewell : W A Heaven
Jasper : Alec Powis
Humphrey : Alan Pope
Tim : Pat Nicholls
George : Jane Kaye
A Dancing Boy : Peggy Jackson
A Page : Margaret Ambrose
Merrythought : Jack Richman
Michael : Malcolm Hayes
Host of the Bell Inn : H Waterman Harris
Tapster : Dennis Parrott
Barberossa : Jack Richman
First Captive : Dennis Parrott
Sir Pockhole (second captive) : W A Heaven
Third Captive : Malcolm Hayes
Third Captive's wife : Annette Panter
Luce : Margaret Godwin
Mistress Merrythought : Marjorie Ashton
Pompiona : Muriel Powis
Pompiona's Gentlewomen : Annette Panter, Sally George
  The Knight of the Burning Pestle

Production Team

Director : Duncan Marks
Set Design : Violet Rutter
Music for songs composed by Beatrice Stiff & Alex Aikman

Stage Manager : Rowland White
ASM : B Reeves
Set construction : Eric Lucking & H A J Darlow