Many Waters

by Monckton Hoffe


Tavistock Little Theatre
January 31 & February 1, 1936

Cast List

James Barcaldine : Norman Thompson
Mabel Barcaldine/Wingrove : Irene Palmer
Compton Schloss : George Carter
Secretary : Marjorie Beauchamp
Henry Delauney : Jack Shepherd
An Old Gentleman : Rowland White
Another Old Gentleman : Jack Mann
A Youth : Harold Thornley
A Charwoman : Annette Panter
A Junior Clerk : Sidney Hogg
A Man (office clerk) : Howard Dickenson
A Woman : Daisy Mackenzie
A Registrar : Godfrey Best
Freda Barcaldine : Doris Bickmore
Philip Sales : Alexander Watson
Dolly Sales : Molly Whiting
Edith : Madge Dawson
Stanley Rosel : Jack Shepherd
Captain Bovill : Godfrey Best
A Waiter : Rowland White
Godfrey Marvin : Robert Wigram
A Nurse : Kathleen White
Another Nurse : Marjorie Beauchamp
Dr Sangster : Harold Thornley
Dr Hinchcliff : George Carter
Typist : Kathleen White
Clerk : Jack Mann
Doris Rosel : Annette Panter
The Registrar : Alexander Watson
Official Receiver : Godfrey Best
Mr Clinchpole : Robert Wigram
Mr Everitt : George Carter
An Usher : Howard Dickinson
Ticket Collector : Roland White
Production Team

Director : Richard Seaton
Set Design : Rowland White
Music by Doris McCarthy & Frank Levett

Stage Manager for the Theatre : Henry York
Stage Manager for the Play : Rowland White