The Path of Glory

by L du Garde Peach


Tavistock Little Theatre
March 8 - 9, 1935

Cast List

First Man : Wilfred Rolfe
Second Man : Tony Darnborough
Michael, an innkeper on the frontier between Thalia & Sardonia : Ernest Smith
Tessa, his daughter : Mary Alexander
Pedro, a Thalian Frontier Guard : Howard Dickinson
Karl, a Sardonian Frontier Guard : Gilbert Walshe
Feraldi, the President's Private Secretary : Beresford Kemmis
Anton Maroni, the President's Parliamentary Secretary : Harry Miller
Three Members of the Thalian Cabinet : Alan Brown, Herbert Till, Stewart Yates
Maria, the President's daughter : Barbara Watts
Sasha Musetti, a young Thalian Officer : Alan Simpson
A Sentry : Herbert Guthrie
General Ferranzi, General commanding the Thalian Army in the Field : Jack Shepherd
An Orderly : Herbert Till
Colonel Conti, General Ferranzi's Chief of Staff : Eric van Noorden
Baroness Risotto : Constance Fecher
Ginsberg, an American inventor : Jack Richman
A Thalian Captain : Herbert Guthrie
Maid to Maria : Elizabeth Starling
King Maximilian of Sardonia : Eric van Noorden
Paul, Maximilian's Friend & Aide-de-Camp : Maxwell Relton
  The Path of Glory

Production Team

Director : Duncan Marks
Set Design : G L Wilkins

Stage Managers : Henry York, Howard Dickinson