by William Shakespeare


Tavistock Little Theatre
February 15 - 16, 1935

Cast List

Francisco, a soldier : E M Allen
Bernardo, a soldier : Donald Salmon
Horatio, friend to Hamlet : Neville Tree
Marcellus, a soldier : Jack Richman
The Ghost of Hamlet's father : C G X Henriques
Hamlet, son of the former King : Douglas Muir
King Claudius : William Avenell
Gertrude, the Queen, Hamlet's mother : Eileen Smith
Laertes, son of Polonius : Michael Rose
Ophelia, daughter of Polonius : Bobbie Peacock
Polonius, Lord Chamberlain : Richard Lydall

Guildenstern : Leonard de Franquen
Rosencrantz : William Weller
Courtiers and school fellows to Hamlet

1st Player : Donald Bisset
Boy Player (Prologue) : Vincent Haw
2nd Player (a player of women's parts) : Kenneth Wetherley
3rd Player : J P Amis
Fortinbras, Prince of Norway : E M Allen
A captain : Donald Bisset
A messenger : Kenneth Wetherley
1st gravedigger : J P Amis
2nd gravedigger : Jack Richman
A priest : Donald Salmon
Osric (a dandy) : John Francis
Lords, Ladies, Players, Soldiers, Attendants

Production Team

Director : Robert Mitchell
Set Design : Robert Mitchell
Costume Design : Doreen Erroll
Lighting : Henry York
Fencing arrangements : L Darlington-Clark

Stage Manager : Henry York
Wardrobe : Winifred Fecher