The Beaux' Stratagem

by George Farquhar


Tavistock Little Theatre
December 15 - 16, 1933

Cast List

Aimwell : Francis Bray
Archer : Hugh Evans
Two gentlemen of broken fortunes, the 1st as master the 2nd as servant
Sullen, a country blockhead brutal to his wife : Ernest Smith
Gibbet, a highwayman : Claude Smith
Hounslow : Frank Davis
Bagshot : John Carmody
His companions :  
Scrub, servant to Mr Sullen : Oliver Gledhill
Boniface, landlord of the inn : Frank Coxall
Mrs Sullen : Dorothy Fox
Dorinda, her sister-in-law : Greta Dick
Lady Bountiful, an old, civil country gentlewoman who cures her neighbours of distempers : Violet Baylis
Gipsy, servant to the ladies : Charis Sandys
Cherry, the landlord's daughter : Vida Hope
A countrywoman : Florence Woodley
Production Team

Director : Robert Mitchell
Assistant Director : Freda Pietersen
Act Drop painted by Gerald James

Stage Manager : Henry York
Wardrobe : Charis Sandys