When Crummles Played
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Crummles and Company in

George Barnwell or The London Merchant
A Tragedy by Lillo

by Charles Dickens & Nigel Playfair


Tavistock Little Theatre
November 24 - 25, 1933

Cast List

Thorowgood, an honest merchant Mr Vincent Crummles (Vincent Kearley)
Millwood, an adventuress Mrs Vincent Crummles (Dorothy Fox)
Maria, Thorowgood's daughter Miss Ninetta Crummles (Janet Harvey)
George Barnwell Master Crummles (William Avenell)
Trueman, his friend Master P Crummles (Ronald Palmer)
Uncle Barnwell Mr Lenville (Frank Coxall)
Lucy Miss Snevellicci (Greta Dick)
Blunt Mr Snittle-Timberry (Alec Muir)
The Entertainment Mr Folair &
The Infant Phenomenon
(Ivan Alderman)
(Janet Harvey)
Utility Lady Mrs Grudden (Marjorie Dormer)
Nicholas Nickleby   (B D Butler)
Smike   (Tommy Haggis)

At the conclusion of the Murder, the Skipping Rope Hornpipe will be danced by The Terpsichorean Trio

Epilogue (by A P Herbert) spoken by Robert Mitchell & Dorothy Fox.
Production Team

Director : Robert Mitchell
Costumes : Beatrice Gooch

Stage Manager : Henry York