Maria Marten or The Murder in the Red Barn



Tavistock Little Theatre
March 17 - 18, 1933

Cast List

William Corder, the Squire's son : William Avenell
Mister Marten, an honest rustic : Vincent Kearley
Ishmael Lee, an old gipsy returned to Polestead afterwards : Francis Bray
Pharos Lee, his son : Francis Bray
Tim Bobbin, a yokel : Hugh Evans
Mark Amos, a gipsy : Richard Townsend
Flatcatcher, a highwayman afterwards : Raymond Walker
William Corder's servant : Raymond Walker
Maria Marten, Mister Marten's daughter almost as virtuous as one of the gentry : Dorothy Fox
Dame Marten, her mother : Marjorie Dormer
Anne, her sister : Vida Hope
Production Team

Director Robert Mitchell
Orchestra : Freda Pietersen

Stage Manager : Henry York
Wardrobe : Beatrice Gooch