The Tower Archive

We hold records for every production we have put on since we were founded in 1932. With only a few exceptions we have cast lists and photographs for the shows. Below are links to the indexes which list all the shows - you can find productions by their date, title, author or director.

The Tower Theatre's website has by far the best archives of any theatre I've come across in my research. (The J P Donleavy Compendium web site)

In this section we've also got :

The twelve "Pictures of the Month"
   - from 2011
   - from 2012
   - from 2013
   - from 2014
   - from 2015
   - from 2016
   - from 2017

A selection of photos and reports on Social Events and Tours over the past few years

A brief history of the Company

A history of the Tower web site

The photos selected for the 80th anniversary display in the Bridewell bar

Since 1932, the Company has presented the enormous total of over 1550 productions. But that figure depends what you mean by "a production", so here's a short explanation on how we count them.

Where we presented two or more plays in a single evening, we've counted these as separate productions. In most cases the casts were different, and sometimes there were different directors. Where we have remounted a production at another venue, or revived it at the same venue some time after the original, we've again counted these separately. We've included plays performed by other groups where we were the producer - i.e. did publicity, sold tickets and provided the technical back-up. We've not included productions where our theatre was let to other groups, or private productions where tickets were not on sale to the general public.

Note that until about 1970, Sunday performances were for members only (because of the Lord Chamberlain's regulations).